Sophia Theurel,
Founder & CEO, Comkini

“I grew up watching my mom sewing clothing and costumes for my brother. We had a great little fabric store in our neighborhood that sold quality leftover fabrics from the small factories that sewed for brand name clothing companies. I remember being 7 years old, when I pushed my mom aside from the sewing machine and with a “free reign” started making all sorts of outfits for myself. I used scraps and remnants, messing up again and again, and sometimes making silly things. Money from selling my elastic hair scrunches helped me get some new fabrics to make my ideas reality.  My mother taught me techniques of sewing lycra, jersey and elastic, my favorites.  In the late 90’s everybody was wearing lycra.  My friends loved my one-of-a-kind creations so much that they traded their brand-name clothing for the things I sewed.  That was a good deal for me.  Soon I had a closet full of beautiful clothes from The Limited, Ocean Pacific, XOXO, Moschino, Forever 21, etc.

At 15 I found myself a painfully late bloomer, with the body of an underfed boy. Especially I was traumatized with my small bust size. After a few trips to the fabric store I came across the amazing bra fillers that changed my life and turned my hobby of sewing clothes into the profession of designing and selling swimsuits. The word got out in a small city of Mexico and before I knew it I had a giant clientele buying my beachwear! I personally delivered the newly designed swimsuits to my girlfriends/clients and gave them my instructions: “When you get out of the water, make sure to turn your back to everyone and squish them down to get all the water out of the sponge.” We still laugh about this one.  We all mastered the move so the boys wouldn’t notice!

The designs and materials I used in my swimwear have evolved over the years, but making the wearer feel curvaceous and beautiful in every suit from Comkini, is still the goal. is the expression of my dream.  My designs are made for the woman I strive to be.  A woman who goes out and creates the life she wants to live; an adventure soul; a person that never give up her dream; a woman who is ultimately happy and secure in her own skin. My heart is on my sleeve. With each design I’m offering you a little piece of myself.  Every sketch and stitch are made with my love and my wishes for you.  If you can wear my designs while having fun and feeling beautiful and strong, then I have achieved my dream and my goal.  Thank you for being an essential part of Comkini by wearing my bathing suits.”